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As an emerging fund manager, finding the right people and deals takes up more time than you have in a day. By addressing your pain points, we save you time, money, and effort. We jumpstart your fundraising process and help you reach your goals faster.


The Challenge: Emerging fund managers may not have a deep rolodex of limited partners, whose relationships are critical to get any fund going. While LPs have billions of dollars in under-allocated capital, many of them are not open to investing in first-time funds and those who do ask tough questions about track records.

Our Solution: We give you access to high-quality LPs and get you on an introductory video call with them. You will be able to connect with limited partners at our Spotlight on LPs events and get to nurture long-term relationships with them through our pods. We recognize that the deeper the relationship, the more likely an investment.


The Challenge: Launching a fund is not a cakewalk. It tends to be tougher than you think and takes longer than you think.

Our Solution: We help you learn the intricacies and mechanics of a fundraise. You do that by attending events, training sessions and AMA sessions with LPs. We also put you in front of people who have done this before.


The Challenge: Relationships are the currency for access to opportunities and credibility. Growing your network requires spending hours and days at events, conferences and on impersonal platforms. We can give you some of that time back.

Our Solution: Hand-curated LPs, founders, industry experts and thought leaders are our network. Once you join, ThinkSuite credentials you as a member and our network immediately becomes your network. You will also be part of a vibrant community of emerging fund managers through our exclusive pods. Discover people who will be your partners throughout your journey as a fund manager.

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Feel free to reach us at contact@thinksuite.co with your inquiries and a ThinkSuite community success member will be in touch.